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Customised Training Courses

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Customised Courses

Our scheduled courses are designed to cover the widest spectrum of IT training requirements, but there are always occasions where the standard offerings do not optimally meet the training requirements. Participants may be already up to speed on some topics or the topics required span more than one course. Sometimes there is a requirement for specialised topics that are not included in a general-purpose course.

We are happy to develop and deliver courses that relate directly to your needs. Custom courses can take many factors into account such as:

  • Your existing skill level and expertise
  • The skills you require after completing the course and
  • Your installed hardware and software configurations

Courses often span multiple topics, e.g. programming shared libraries in C++ to interface to web-based front-ends.

RTD will develop a course which is tailor-made for your needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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