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On-Site Training Courses

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On-Site Courses

Note: During the Covid-19 crisis, courses will only be delivered over the web

RTD is able to deliver any of its highly-acclaimed courses on your own premises or at an external venue which we can arrange. This can have a number of benefits:

  • Teams are trained as a unit so new skills are developed throughout an entire team, rather than just with individuals, leading to efficient and effective inter-departmental teamwork.
  • There are substantial cost savings to be made when training multiple employees, compared with attendance on a scheduled course. The savings are not only for the training fees but also in ancilliary expenses such as travel and accommodation.
  • You have increased flexibility in organising your training. For example, you can choose the dates and venues for the training so that it is delivered within a convenient time-frame. This is particularly beneficial when training a team for a specific project with a given deadline. It also allows you to plan your training around staffing levels and tasks in progress.
  • We are able to customise the course content to relate directly to your system and projects. The new skills can therefore be applied immediately to your business.

Even though onsite training is most cost-effective when there are 4 or more participants, we can deliver onsite courses to a smaller group, or even a single person, at attractive prices.

Please contact us for further information and pricing.

Web delivery may be considered as an alternative to face-to-face onsite training.

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